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Robin W. Thorburn Hynotherapist

Robin W. Thorburn Hypnotherapist ADHP (NC) MNRHP FNSHP UKCP (H)

Edinburgh’s Longest Established Fully Qualified Hypno-Psychotherapist, Scotland.

About Robin W Thorburn Hynotherapist

Robin W. Thorburn Hynotherapist ADHP (NC) MNRHP FNSHP UKCP (H): The Longest Established Hypno-Psychotherapist in Edinburgh.

Robin W Thorburn Hypnotherapist ADHP (NC) MNRHP FNSHP UKCP (H) Longest Established Hypno-Psychotherapist in Edinburgh.


“I believe in an individualised common sense approach to my clients and draw on a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to meet their exclusive requirements”.



Experienced Hynotherapist

Robin W. Thorburn Hypnotherapist ADHP (NC) MNRHP FNSHP UKCP (H) is an experienced Psychotherapist and motivator with 28 years experience; he has successfully conducted over 12,000 therapy sessions, he owns the longest full-time Hypno-psychotherapy practice in Edinburgh. He trained with The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, one of only a few organisations of its kind in Britain which is externally accredited by The British Accreditation Council. Robin is a full member of The National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, qualifying with a practical distinction, and writing a dissertation on Cognitive Methodologies which was subsequently published by the National College.

Robin is a Fellow of The National Society of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.  He is also a member of The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.   His training is equivalent to that of a Masters Degree.

Robin is the Clinical Director for the creator of cognitive therapy, Dr Albert Ellis’ wife: Dr Joffe Ellis, entrustee of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapyellisrebt

A passionate believer of creativity, his innovative thinking and educational techniques have won him praise from, amongst others, Dr Albert Ellis, arguably the world’s greatest ever Psychotherapist/Psychologist and founder of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy/Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and fellow of over 12 Divisions of The American Psychological Association.

More About Robin W Thorburn Hynotherapist

Utilising the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, he significantly increases effective interpersonal skills and decreases the excessive positivism and negativity that longer term restrict good health. An excellent exponent of developing rational attitude and reaching into and de-restricting defeating ones, he encourages greater authenticity and natural creativity.

Robin believes in a holistic, individualistic approach to clients and applies a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to meet their exclusive needs. Specialising in Cognitive/Rational Emotive Behaviour the world’s most widely trialled psychotherapy which consistently yields good results, Rational Emotive, Behavioural, Adlerian, Ericksonian, Rogerian, NLP and Gestalt therapies are utilised and he also specialises in the techniques of Dr Claire Weekes. He is experienced in both individual and group sessions.

Succesful Psychotherapist

As a successful psychotherapist, he is well placed to understand our goals and strategically advance our strivings for achievement of them, which is crucial for a balanced life. Diligent, ongoing assessment and reviewing beneficial experiences allow clients to reinforce positive behaviour.

Robin, having successfully achieved this with many people referred to him from Edinburgh’s three main GP’s surgeries, has recently concluded a book on psychological health receiving a foreword from Dr Ellis who described his work as “definitely helpful and creative there are many good things I could say “, and has been featured in The Scotsman Newspaper curing a reporter of her phobia in one session. He has written numerous articles on REBT/CBT and has been published in journals and websites throughout the world.

He has been featured as a Distinguished Practitioner on the USA’s leading hypnotherapy website Speaking about Robin’s use of hypnotherapy and REBT, Ralph Benko the editor said “Thorburn’s conjoining of the two (REBT and hypnotherapy) potentially represents a signal event in the annals of the betterment of humanity”. Robin has also appeared on Talk Radio 107 “Ask the expert”, and has been featured in The Scotsman newspaper’s magazine The Pulse scoring a 5/5 for therapeutic effectiveness in using rational emotive behaviour therapy and hypnotherapy to cure insomnia.  Also the Scotsman Weekender Magazine.


He has an Advanced Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy, and has written extensively on the subject of hypnotherapy and rational emotive behaviour therapy/Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. In June 2011 Robin presented his unique approach of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, hypnotherapy and the teachings of Dr Claire Weekes at the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy College conference in Leicester, England, and is an Approved Provider to The British Psychological Society CPD course: Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Its Theory & Practice with Hypnotherapy.  Robin also has a British Psychological Society Accredited Hypnotherapy Training course.  “The Application and Practice of Hypnotherapy”.

The practice “Chilvern Cottage” is ideally situated on the southern outskirts of Edinburgh, a half mile from the city’s bypass in the picturesque area of Fairmilehead. Therapy is conducted in a warm friendly relaxed atmosphere. His therapeutic approach has been described by his clients as unique, using the world’s most effectively trialled therapy: Cognitive, and hypnotherapy to bring about excellent long lasting results-quickly.  Please contact me: more information 

Robin presents Dr Joffe Ellis to the BPS Conference

Robin presents: Dr Joffe Ellis (via video) to the British Psychological Society in Brighton, May 2017

The Spider and the Scots…. Robin cures The Scotsman reporter with hypnotherapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy in one session

Robin Thorburn of Exclusi…. Robin presents at The National College of Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference 2011