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The Physio gym was quiet that morning, almost eerily quiet as Jack gently let go of the wheelchair as it came to a halt in the middle of the hall.

For 2 minutes I contemplated my pathetic situation and conceded that I may never be able to walk again.  This was followed with an array of thoughts of having to move house as there were too many stairs where I currently lived, that was, if I was ever released from hospital,  would Myra want to know me, would I be able to do my beloved job.

I'm on my way. October 2003

I’m on my way. October 2003

Janet and her colleague walked into the gym and without so much as a word wheeled me over to the cold dark granite corridor, manhandled me out of the wheelchair and got me to my feet.  Her colleague disappeared and Janet, all 5ft 9inches of her slender body held my 6ft 1inch 14 stone 7 pounds in place.  She smiled and looked in my eye better than any hypnotherapist could ever do and said “and now you are going to walk”.  Drawing on my rational emotive imagery and spontaneously letting frustration and anxiety go, combining my inventory gathering hypnotic re-ordering of walking along the Remblai and then lifting my chin up, puffing my chest out and with a tear of pride in my eye visualised that I was captaining and leading out my boyhood heroes, Glasgow Rangers began to falteringly and hesitantly but independently walk down the corridor!

I could not believe it!!!  Tears streaming from my eyes with pride, determination and stoic bloody mindedness I was, for the first time since the stroke, that I thought was going to kill me moving on the face of earth on my own.  My steps were small, unsteady and my left arm poised to grab Jane, but she kept looking me in the eye and smiled a smile so beautiful and caring that inspired me not to let her down.  After those few, momentous, faltering, life changing steps I sat back in the wheel chair.  I now knew I could recover, my self-hypnosis, previous years difficult experiences and a body regenerating were coming to my rescue, “Nothing without hard work” to quote the great Scottish football manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.