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At this stage in the cycle bewilderment is next.  These symptoms are so alien to anything that a person has ever experienced that they are dumbfounded, shocked and, as ever, fearful.  Who wouldn’t be?  When we experience anything we have never experienced before, particularly as adults, who SHOULD know better, we then start self-deprecating behaviour.  It is not so simple to understand because when these symptoms are present within us, we do not have a frame of reference, to understand nor deal with them.  Our natural tendency is to become bewildered?  Then of course the Victorian attitude of “mental illness” now assumes “real proportions”.  I fell into this trap of fearing incarceration in some dark, gloomy hospital ward akin to a Dickens novel.  Because mental illness, still to this day is such a taboo subject, this only serves to provoke our imagination.  “What ifs” We have seen how imagination can cripple us.  So many therapies deal only with imagination and not the demand that provokes it.  In one of Dr Weekes’ books she states “Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise”.

In my view, because there has not been adequate understanding, and definitive, accurate knowledge on these cycles, which we are now logically exploring, it no surprise, that ignorance has been bliss?  Is it any wonder that the advice offered by friends and family has been so trite and useless?  No matter how well intentioned it has been.  Is it little wonder that the same advice, in effect, take the form of demands on the person caught up in this cycle?  The very mandates that have been handed down to a person to create the original troublesome perception that has in turn, created a demand, that created the debilitating symptoms in the first place are being reconditioned by well meaning stronger characters than we currently are

The starting point for anyone caught in this circle is usually the General Practitioner.  Does he have enough knowledge on this cycle?  Does he have the time?  How long does an appointment for psychiatric services take?  What is the annual expenditure on mind-altering drugs?  Who is reaping the benefit of this expenditure?  Like most of my clients, a person at this stage is feeling so out of control that the thought of a mind-altering drug “taking control” of a person’s “stupidity” for losing control, surely must bewilder even more.


An extract from my book: Breaking The Vicious Circle Of Psychological Misery