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Breaking The Vicious Circle of Psychological MiseryNow Only £39.99

Full 123 page eBook Plus Confidence, Weight Loss, Anti-Anxiety, Relaxation & Sleep and Stop Smoking

“Breaking The Vicious Circle of Psychological Misery”

by Robin W Thorburn is a great new e-book that has already received many fantastic comments from notable experts such as Dr Albert Ellis, President of The Albert Ellis Institute, New York and founder of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy. Dr Ellis was recently voted the second most influential Psychotherapist of last century by The American Psychological Association members and is often regarded as the worlds greatest living therapist, said about the book:

“In general, you have done an excellent job in presenting some of your own problems and how you conquered them with REBT and the therapy of Claire Weekes. I think that the book would definitely be helpful to clients with all kinds of anxiety problems… there are many good things I could say about your book. I would definitely like to see the book published…since it seems to include some creative ideas”. Dr Albert Ellis.


Relaxation & Sleep

Finding the ability within yourself to trust your deeper levels of functioning that allow you to achieve a less stressful state of mind and body prepares the way for pleasant high quality sleep. Enjoy the gradual de- stressing to occur each time you listen to this “good and effective form of relaxation and sleep inducing hypnotherapeutic session”.

Quit Smoking

Always promising yourself to stop smoking? Well enjoy freeing yourself from four thousand noxious chemicals. Why replace Nicotine with Nicotine by using patches, allow the common sense and effective health inducing hypnotherapy suggestions to flow into the “I must have tobacco now or if not I can’t stand it attitude”. As an ex-smoker myself, this session was created with you in mind.


This well recorded and relaxing hypnotherapeutic session targets the thoughts behind the debilitating symptoms of Anxiety. A movement towards peacefulness within begins as soon as you begin to listen to the well chosen healing words and intriguing background music. Your ability to let go is tapped into in your own exclusive way with a mixture of indirect hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and NLP.


Using a combination of fascinating metaphors, positive visualisation, this session of Confidence boosting has been described as “excellent” by a number of Robin’s clients. Not only does this increase confidence, splendid relaxation, and quiet determination to function effectively again are achieved. Robin draws on his own and as ever, a combination of well respected therapeutic techniques.