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I started Exclusive Hypnotherapy in April 1993.  The previous year I did training in London and it was then ongoing.  Back then there was no supervision so I had to learn very quickly.

Many people ask me what are the most common issues that people present.  Lack of confidence underpins most difficulties with people constantly comparing themselves to other people.  Some of my clients (understandably) think that their problem is unique to them.  Thanks to the work of Dr Albert Ellis and Dr Claire Weekes and my own, not inconsiderable experiences I have quickly been able to demystify and reduce bewilderment within the person regarding the problem.

My highlight was meeting the incredible Dr Albert Ellis n 2007 in New York City and receiving a foreword for a book of mine.He almost single handedly changed Psychology in the mid-1950’s with the cognitive revolution.


I have hopefully helped many, many people along the way to get and to stay better.  i have seen the Freudian Psychoanalysts, the Neuro Linguistic Programmers (all of which I have practiced at some stage) blossom and diminish.  I think what has helped me and my numerous clients is an uncomplicated approach and empowering them with knowledge and understanding of the nervous system, memories and perceptions rather than focusing on fictitious theories and excessive  positivity.

It has been my pleasure to meet some of the bravest nicest most intelligent people in the world and my great pleasure to help them feel better.

Roll on the next 25 years!


Robin Thorburn

11,000 Hypno-Psychotherapy sessions later