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“After 40 years in medical practice the one thing that is likely to keep a sufferer still ill, even years after recovery are recurring bouts of memory, memory works through sight sound and feeling”.  Dr Weekes emphasised feeling.

“In fact good memory works in much the same way as bad memory. If you as an adult have ever walked past a baker’s shop and smelt freshly baked bread which has reminded you of a nice time when your grandmother used to make scones, that’s good flashback memory. Now since bad memory works in much the same way, it is how you now react to the memory that is crucial, you can “oh my goodness” or “what if” the memory or you could say ‘there’s grandma’s scones’”. Thanks to this homely simile, there are thousands of people world wide going into fearful situations they have been avoiding for years thinking of grandma’s scones”!