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The starting point is the consultation and first session which is inclusive and as well as hypnotherapy combines cognitive therapy (REBT, the original cognitive therapy), this lasts for about one hour and a half and also includes a hypnotherapy CD and teaching of cognitive imagery techniques which are very effective.   The sessions are consulted in a warm friendly and at times humorous manner.  Robin draws on his 21 years in clinical practice to quickly help you towards peace of mind.

There is little mention of the past and a thorough discussion about non-self helping beliefs that are creating the debilitating emotions.  Everything is explained to allow a breaking of the fear-bewilderment-fear cycle many people find themselves in.  After conducting much research with my clients the overwhelming feedback is that this cognitive approach allied with hypnotherapy is very helpful.  Many tell me that the hypnotherapy, which is a bit like comfortable self-awareness allows the valuable key points of REBT to be assimilated.

Before hypnotherapy we will discuss and agree exactly what you wish to achieve from the session, I tailor my suggestions specifically to your exclusive requirements.  You will noit be asked to speak, you will not go unconscious or fall asleep (if you did you would not hear anything!) or recall anything traumatic, many people say it is the most relaxed they have ever felt.

Allow for three sessions to turn the problem around and with long term gains.


If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment please e-mail me