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Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh, key points to consider:

Is the hypnotherapist a member of a reputable organisation, remember anyone can set up as a hypnotherapist or psychotherapist.

Does the hypnotherapist have sufficient clinical hours and experience.

Does the hypnotherapist have sufficient life experience.

Does the hypnotherapist practice other forms of psychotherapy, remember hypnotherapy is not a blanket panacea, a Hypno-Psychotherapist should be well versed in a variety of effective psycho therapeutic approaches.

Does the hypnotherapist have professional indemnity insurance.

Are the hypnotherapist’s testimonials verifiable.

How effective are his/her therapies and do they last longer term.

How long has the therapist been in practice for.

Is the website well written, remember the standard on the site is representative of the words used in therapy.

These are key points to consider before choosing your hypnotherapist in Edinburgh.