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I would like to explain more about hypnotherapy.  Let me first tell you what it is not and what it is.  Many people’s perception understandably is usually what they have seen on the television.


The stage hypnotist conducts a series of suggestibility tests with all his audience to find out who the most susceptible people are.  A small percentage of the general population can enter into a deep trance state rapidly; a trance state is no more than focused attention on one thing to the almost total exclusion of everything else.  A trance state is not dissimilar to driving a car down a long, long road then wondering how you have arrived at your destination, or reading a book and losing track of time.


Because the stage hypnotist has let’s say 300 people in the audience, he will ask all of the people to imagine their hands sticking tightly together with super glue. He will lower the tone of his voice and softly repeat this suggestion.  Those whose hands stick together are the susceptible people and those who don’t are cannot be hypnotised.  Well in fact they can, but he has a show to do and wants the people who are easy to work with.  Some people have a perception that they will fall asleep and orbit Jupiter and come back with a personality transplant.  However if they fell asleep (which does occasionally happen) they would not hear what is being said!


The state itself is not dissimilar to how you feel just before you fall asleep at night in that dreamy, relaxed state or just before you wake in the morning when you are wondering whether or not to get up, half asleep, half awake.


I use my voice to induce a hypnotic state.