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Low Self-Confidence

Little wonder that the next part of the cycle is this.

The person now, is bereft of confidence and through desperate anxious thinking is extremely susceptible to the wrong thoughts and advice from others.  His attention span for such advice is not good, but he will listen as best he can.  “See the doctor again, ask for different tablets, your Auntie Jean had similar problems, look how well she is now”.

He argues internally with the advice, because the doctor did listen and did offer reassurance.  Self-help books bought by well meaning loved ones begin to appear.  If only he had the energy and attention span to read them.  Pages that he has read seem to be so positive in nature and so difficult to comprehend.  Maybe he is some kind of freak.  The self-deprecation gathers even more pace and the sufferer experiences more relentless dull bludgeoning.  His head feels as if it could explode and the weird sensations from his body get worse.  He starts to convince himself that what he is suffering from is not anxiety/stress/depression and is really some organic illness that has gone undetected by the doctor.

The imagination continues on overdrive and the body dutifully responds.


An extract from my book: Breaking The Vicious Circle of Psychological Misery