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With REI, I visualize a situation I would like to change my detrimental emotional reaction, I stress that you begin with a an emotion which is low on the discomfort scale and build up.

This will help to reduce anticipatory anxiety, as you go searching for the emotion. In your my mind’s eye go looking for feelings of frustration and anxiety and then having recreated those feelings, stay with them for one minute.  I then ‘rise above’ the feelings, as if looking down on them and dispassionately observe the debilitating and restricting feelings and pair neutrality or supreme indifference to them for about 1 minute, thereby depotentiating the feelings by giving them a great big, fat zero!  Remember: no point at shouting at the dog when the door bell rings, then wondering why the dog barks louder the next time the door bell rings.  Remember, memory which is coming back with the debilitating frustration/anxiety has originally been created with the dogmatic, rigid demand and held in place with the subsequent inaccurate definition or awfulness and is most vulnerable to change at the time that we most dislike it.


After quietly observing those restrictive emotions, I would, silently in my own self-talk, tell myself “I don’t like those feelings or the situation, but I can accept them and begin to feel better i.e.  more relaxed and focused on the job in hand.


Repeat 3 times.