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I spoke here in Melbourne last Sunday at a large and beautiful Meditation Centre which runs study and philosophy courses, called the Shiva Ashram run by Swami Shankarananda, who used to be a professor of Philosophy in New York before becoming a Swami, and he told me he always liked the work of Al .  The attendees at my talk there seemed to love hearing about REBT and the demo was a powerful one.
The next day I spoke at the Orygen Centre for Youths , its research on youth disturbances is run by Melbourne University and Orygen staff, and this centre was founded and directed by a psychiatrist greatly respected here, in fact he , Professor Patrick McGorry, in around 2010 I think, was awarded the very prestigious Australian of the Year Award .
Melbourne Uni was where I studied psychology.
In the seminar there I was presenting to social workers, psychologists, trainers, counselors and others.
Yesterday was another highlight – talking at the Cairnmillar Institute – to professors, teachers, and students of counselling and psychology there.
REBT is touched on there in one of the classes, I think within the general counselling course, and the attendees loved hearing more about it.
 The demo too was a most profound and powerful one – showed marvelous transformation and understanding.
The founder of that Institute is Dr Francis Macnab – extremely famous and respected and well known in Australia.
He came and said hello to me before I started my workshop – and to my amazement and delight he shared his respect for Al, and told me he met Al once when Al was in Melbourne, and twice in New York.
Dr Macnab sent Al a manuscript around those times of meeting him in the 1970’s – and Al offered to write the foreword to it (typical generous Al) – and yesterday Dr Macnab gave me a copy of that book (titled “Changes”) and wrote a beautiful inscription in it to me.
These Melbourne events were arranged at short notice, and I loved doing them …and next week I speak in Sydney
Dr Joffe Ellis Melbourne, Australia