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Robin will present his acclaimed British Psychological Society Seminar:  “Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Its Theory & Practice with Hypnotherapy”.  At the Eric Liddell Centre (Eltham Suite) 15 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh EH10 4DP on Saturday the 16th of May at 11.00 am until 2.00 pm .  Participants will learn the essence and application of the original cognitive therapy and demonstration of REBT and Hypnotherapy  in practice.  Cost £40.  Please e-mail to book your place.  Follow this link for further information:

You will be awarded a certificate of attendance which constitutes 3 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and feel more confident in diagnosing and helping anxiety, fear, phobias, anger, depression etc

Here is what a leading hypnotherapy website in the USA said about Robin’s work:

“Pnosis applauds and commends to the world’s attention Thorburn’s pioneering work in combining the insights of Psychiatrist/Clinical hypnotist Milton H. Erickson with those of Psychologist Albert Ellis. Both of these great Psychotherapists left the world with insights that have not fully been assimilated by the professions of psychotherapy and hypnotism. Thorburn conjoining of the two potentially represents a signal event in the annals of the betterment of humanity. While of primary importance to clinical mental health professionals, Thorburn’s work offers an important contribution to professional hypnotists as well as psychotherapists” Ralph Benko Editor.  Read: Robin Featured as Distinguished Practitioner

You will benefit from Robin’s 27 years in full time clinical practice and his work with Dr Joffe Ellis (wife of Dr Albert Ellis and entrustee of REBT) the originator of cognitive therapy.

Please follow this link to find out more: