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Hypnotherapy Sessions in Edinburgh

“Properly oriented, hypnotic therapy can give the patient that necessary understanding of his role in effecting his recovery and thus enlist his own effort and participation in his own cure without giving him a sense of dependence upon drugs and medical care.”

Milton H. Erickson  (1901-1980),
One of the worlds foremost  hypnotherapists. 

Anyone can enter a hypnotic state provided, empathy, respect and rapport are present, I can assure you that all such criteria are met by Robin W. Thorburn.

Good hypnotherapy is no more than comfortable self-awareness, similar to reading a book and losing track of time. Robin’s therapy is very much kept in the present and does not get bogged down with the past. Many people have a false perception of hypnosis, probably in part due to stage hypnosis. 18% of the population can enter into a deep trance state rapidly, the stage hypnotist conducts a series of suggestibility tests to find those people, after all if there are 300 people in the audience he will surely find a few somnambulists. During hypnotherapy you will not fall asleep or go unconscious-what would be the point? You would not hear anything being said, it is similar to daydreaming.

His approach is modern, professional and effective.

He takes time to explain the components of a problem thus allowing the person to break through their difficulties and re-empower their lives.

I do not believe in “offering” exorbitant priced prescribed packages of therapy sessions for weight loss, alcohol reduction, or smoking as I treat people on a session by session basis.
I have seen people resolve their difficulties in one session!




Exclusive hypnotherapy can help you: