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Benefits of Exclusive Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy-Edinburgh

Edinburgh Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy at Work – How to Improve Performance

As a leading Edinburgh hypnotherapy practitioner I’ve noticed an increase in demand for hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) from local businesses. There are many ways in which CBT and hypnotherapy can benefit individual employees and your organisation as a whole, including;

  • Increasing confidence
  • Improving sales results
  • Dealing with professional exam nerves
  • Presentation skills and public speaking

We’ll now take a look at these in a little bit more detail;

Increasing confidence

Having employees that are confident in dealing with their colleagues and customers can bring about noticeable improvements in productivity, repeat business as well as the general workplace atmosphere.

Improving sales results

While some sales training courses can be beneficial there are many others that adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach that people get little from.

A combination of hypnotherapy and CBT can help unlock an individual’s potential and you can easily measure your ROI by tracking the increase in sales figures after your employees have had a session with me.

Dealing with professional exam nerves

Everyone gets nervous to some degree before sitting an exam, especially if there’s a lot riding on it. Unfortunately some people get so badly affected it affects their performance which can result in them failing or not performing as well as they should.

I am experienced in dealing effectively with all types of exam nerves from driving tests to professional qualifications.

Presentation skills and public speaking

When someone is representing your company in a professional capacity whether it’s speaking at a conference or a field sales role, it’s important that they come across in the right way.

Very often there can be established barriers that prevent them from performing at their full potential which I can address through using CBT and hypnotherapy.

How hypnotherapy and CBT will help

Forget any images of stage hypnosis and people dancing around like chickens, my proven brand of CBT and hypnotherapy is all about bringing out in the best in people by unlocking the skills and confidence that has been hidden away for too long.

Top 10 Reasons People Visit Our Hypnotherapy Practice in Edinburgh

Many people come to me for hypnotherapy in Edinburgh every year and some of them feel like they’re the only person in the world suffering from a particular problem because they’ve kept it bottled up. With this in mind, I decided to compile the top 10 most common reasons people come to Exclusive Hypnotherapy for help;

1. Smoking

Giving up smoking can be incredibly difficult using willpower alone or many of the nicotine replacement products on the market. My hypnotherapy sessions have helped many Edinburgh smokers give up immediately, even if they’ve been smokers for many years.

2. Weight Loss

Losing weight and keeping it off is a challenge that many people battle with throughout their lives. Hypnotherapy can help change the way you think about food and exercise so you can live the way you want to and be happier and healthier.

3. Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is a very common one and I’ve helped hundreds of people over the years to become more relaxed, confident and comfortable with speaking to large groups of people whether it’s for business or a social function.

4. Phobias

Phobias come in all shapes and sizes from common ones such as spiders and fear of flying to the more unusual. Whatever phobia you have, I’m sure I’ll have dealt with it successfully before and will put you at your ease when you come to see me for hypnotherapy.

5. Stress

Stress is a natural by-product of our hectic modern lifestyles and it’s all too easy to get caught up in a vicious circle due to unresolved issues at home or in your workplace.

6. Anxiety

Anxiety is another very common issue I use hypnotherapy to combat. Very often people’s anxieties stem from their perception of themselves and how they assume other people think of them and rate them.

7. Depression

Too much anxiety in anyone’s life can soon lead to depression and many people find that pills from their doctor alone aren’t enough to address the underlying issues. Using a combination of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) I’ve helped countless people in the Edinburgh area take control of their lives again.

8. Anger

Anger can be a very destructive emotion which affects personal and professional relationships. I find that a lot of anger stems from not being able to control certain situations and it’s through accepting this that we can start to address the problem.

9. Sexual Difficulties

Sensitive issues like erectile dysfunction can be very difficult to talk about. My experience in dealing with a wide range of sexual difficulties through hypnotherapy will help you feel comfortable and ensure you get a quick and satisfactory resolution.

10. Relationship Difficulties

There can be many different problems at the root of relationship difficulties and my range of therapies including CBT and hypnotherapy will help establish the causes so that your relationship can move on.

Exploding the Myths of Hypnotherapy

I’ve been practicing professional hypnotherapy in Edinburgh for close to 20 years now and there are some common myths that I felt it would be good to clear up.

Myth #1 – Hypnotherapy is just like stage hypnosis

My hypnotherapy practice in Edinburgh is nothing like the stage hypnosis you’ve seen on TV. We’re here to help you and aren’t interested in making you dance around the room pretending to be a chicken!

My hypnotherapy is carried out in a comfortable atmosphere with you seated in a nice relaxing chair with pleasant music in the background.

This allows your conscious mind to focus on the music while your subconscious listens to everything that I’m saying.

Myth #2 – I will be put ‘under’ during hypnosis

Another common misconception people have about hypnotherapy is that they’ll be put ‘under’ or be made to fall asleep during the session; again this is completely untrue.

When you come to my Edinburgh hypnotherapy practice you will be aware and conscious of everything around you at all times. You will certainly feel more relaxed during the hypnotherapy itself and may experience some time shifting whereby 25 minutes of hypnotherapy feels more like 5 minutes.

Myth #3 – Hypnotherapy can be bad for you

If you believe this myth you are basically believing that relaxing is bad for you! Hypnotherapy is simply putting your mind into a very relaxed state, which often occurs naturally anyway.

Myth #4 – Hypnotherapy is for weak minded people

I believe that the opposite is true. It’s strong minded people who decide to take action and seek help through hypnotherapy.

Myth #5 – Hypnosis only works on a small number of people

There’s no doubt that hypnosis works better for some people than others, but it’s wrong to say it only works effectively for a small number of the population. If you come to me for hypnotherapy and are open to how it can help you then you will benefit from it.

However, if you come for hypnotherapy against your will and fight it all the way then it’s not going to have the same positive effects.