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I already include  Life  coaching  as part of my therapy sessions,  these  are   individualised approaches  to areas of your life that need enhancing, many of us experience mild difficulties on a daily basis, in the work place, at home, sometimes the harder we try to get something resolved the worse it seems, a bit like standing  beside a mountain and seeing no way around it, but when we get in our car and drive back a short distance we are more able to function more effectively. By gently exploring alternatives and encouraging your natural problem solving abilities and skills, what  may initially  have seemed daunting can actually begin to look like a splendid opportunity to demonstrate your abilities. In short I focus my approach on what you are telling yourself in the present that is holding you back, I focus and enhance your problem solving skills and move towards future successful outcomes, diligent ongoing assessment will carve out the track you wish to be on and keep you on it.

It may well be that you are not fulfilling your true potential in so many ways, maybe you are not expressing your self as well as you could, maybe you are not saying no enough  maybe you are working many hours for no real reward, maybe business meetings, dealing with a boss, public speaking are a problem, you may have difficulties with time management and procrastination,  I teach assertiveness and demonstrate ways to express yourself more fully. I will  provoke thought and support you through those difficult situations listening to feedback and motivating you into action.  I am more than a hypnotherapist  I am also  a psychotherapist, this means I am trained in managing thoughts and feelings in many different ways, the rule of thumb is that if you cannot treat a person without hypnotherapy you should not be using it in the first place, hypnotherapy is one branch of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy embraces and encourages many aspects of the person, I  use a comprehensive approach and is not limited by time nor by quick fix solutions, his aim is for you to be the best you can be.  My focus is on your present and future.

Exclusive hypnotherapy can help you: