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Rational emotive behaviour therapy was created by Dr Albert Ellis. He was a fellow of 12 Divisions of the American Psychological Association, author of 85 books, 800 Academic papers and voted one of the most influential psychologists of the last 100 years.

REBT is the template that Cognitive Psychology successfully adopted. CBT is the most trialled form of counselling in the world that successfully yields excellent results.

Dr Ellis’ approach started in 1955, 10 years before that of Dr Aaron Beck’s CBT.

REBT is a relatively short effective form of counselling. The main principle of REBT counselling is that people are not so much influenced by events but by our perception of them!

Within my counselling practice in Edinburgh I introduce the basic principles behind Rational Emotive Behaviour Counselling and intertwine the initial consultation and therapy session by zeroing in on the irrational (non-self helping) beliefs that a person may hold, thus teaching you how to free yourself from disturbing emotions such as anxiety, anger and depression.

Most forms of human psychological disturbance tend to emanate from an inaccurate definition made of self then held together with a rigid, dogmatic belief. In my counselling practice I apply a realistic, logical, and open minded approach to problem solving. This in my view is the basics of science.

The counselling is conducted in a relaxed, warm and at times humorous atmosphere; it is very much a case of the therapist and client working jointly towards the client’s peace of mind.

My counselling techniques are modern, educational, and up to date and based on common sense principles that work. I teach unconditional self acceptance (USA) and many other rational emotive behaviour therapy approaches, including effective visualisation techniques, shame attacking exercises, and enlightened self-interest.

I am a fellow of The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy Alumni Guild and have received acknowledgement from Dr Albert Ellis himself.

“In general, you have done an excellent job in presenting some of your own problems and how you conquered them with REBT and the therapy of Claire Weekes. I think that the book would definitely be helpful to clients with all kinds of anxiety problems… there are many good things I could say about your book. I would definitely like to see the book published… since it seems to include some creative ideas”. Dr Albert Ellis.

Please contact me at my Edinburgh counselling practice and I will certainly help you get on track to long term peace of mind.