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From my experiences I learned to trust myself by consciously challenging the utter nonsense that had been created by the demand that I must care what people think.  This had to be done with knowledge understanding and acceptance.  Acceptance, because I was so fearful and tired to fight.  This worked.  However, when this was reduced, it was time to fight, fight, fight the demand and its nonsense, I was then able to free my self from the restriction of the punitive irrational demands that I had created.  I learned humility towards self at last

As I stated at the start of this book, memory is the inadvertent prime mover.  My understanding of memory is billions of brain cells, waiting to be manipulated.  When memory is manipulated in a traumatic way, the punitive demand that it must not exist only serves to create and provoke more bad memories, thus, keeping the person in this cycle.


An extract from my book: “Breaking the Vicious Circler of Psychological Misery