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The answer comes from Dr Milton H. Erickson, regarded as the finest researcher and pioneer of healing in hypnosis.

Erickson had little patience with the claims of Parapsychology, with religious beleifs in miracles, or with the popular fads about “psychic energy.” Hypnosis for Erickson was a natural phenomenon that utilized ordinary psychological processes…it usually required a great deal of training, intelligence and work on the part of the therapist to acheive those seemingly miraculous results…
Healing in Hypnosis Milton H. Erickson

There is still a view that getting to the childhood root of a problem will resolve it using hypno-analysis, this means looking for an original childhood cause. Thankfully, modern well trained therapists have moved away from this medieval beleif. Professor Aaron Beck, a psychiatrist from Pennsylvania University and prolific researcher originally trained in Freudian Psychoanalysis proved that lying in a darkened room recalling early traumatic childhood experiences actually made the person worse! “I set out to prove that the people who were critical psychoanalysis were wrong, but actually I proved them right”. Dr Albert Ellis, founder of Cognitive /Rational Emotive BehaviourTherapy, also originally trained in Psychoanalysis, he later dismissed it as “Freudian horseshit”.
I, myself volunteered for 15 sessions of hypno-analysis and the only thing I learned is how False Memory Syndrome and mental fatigue are created, I also used it in my early career but discovered that it did not help people, the root of the problem is the persons beleif NOW to look for an excuse from childhood as to why you hold an irrational beleif in the present will only keep the person ill, this is not Therapy. The unconscious mind is a depository for many bad memories, best not exhume what is better left in peace. “It is interesting that having cured many, many people worldwide from nervous suffering that I have never once had the need to conduct an indepth psychological profile…they are in a Fear-Bewilderment-Fear cycle and understanding whatever may have contributed to that is not going to help the patient get better now… many therapists pick on complications.”Dr Claire Weekes M.B.E., M.B., D.Sc., F.R.A.C.P

With my hypnotherapy, you will not be asked to speak, creative up to date methods are used to reactivate good programmes of behaviour that already exist within you and transfer them into the problem area, thus dilluting the problem.
This combination of REBT/Ericksonian hypnotherapy which has been acknowledged by my peers to be extremley effective (click on The Eye and scroll down)

Robin W. Thorburn ADHP (NC) MNRHP UKCP (H) FNSHP