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Dear Friends,

A few days ago a professor, Mr. Zhang Chi, who I met a a Grief conference I spoke at in Beijing last October, and who is establishing a platform to give support to people in China at this time, reached out to me asking if I would be willing to help by giving a talk and answering questions and concerns via Zoom asap.

Of course with great enthusiasm, I agreed.

So this Sunday morning 10 am Beijing time, (in New York it will be 9pm on Saturday night) I will be speaking on Remaining Calm and Resilient during Times of Crisis, and answering questions after that.

I do not speak Chinese, so my English will be translated into Chinese.

Participating is free of charge.

So for any interested Chinese-speaking (non Chinese speaking people welcome too!!!) people who I send this to, and to any of you who know of people who might be interested in listening, below please find the link and the poster about the session and share the info with any others.

Wishing us all tranquility and calm within, despite and including any challenges without!

Warm thoughts,

The link of the Zoom meeting:  (Meeting ID:651 540 497; Password:933683).



Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis

Psychologist, Writer, Presenter


Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Department of Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Teachers College, Columbia University