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Hypnotherapy FAQs


Hypnotherapy FAQs:  Frequently Asked Questions

For more Information on Hypnotherapy and Hypno-psychotherapy – Contact Robin W Thorburn Hypnotherapist Here

What are your hypnotherapy qualifications?

I have an advanced Diploma from The National College of Hypnosis and & Psychotherapy, I am also a Fellow of The National Society of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, one of the very few hypno-Psychotherapy organisations in the UK that is externally accredited.  N.B.  As the law stands, anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist with no formal qualifications and make grandoise unverifiable claims about their experience etc

I am also a member of The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and an Accredited Clinical Supervisor to UKCP, in order to join, I have undertaken at least 18 months supervision from a UKCP therapist, hundreds of verifiable clinical hours in practice, 12 sessions of self-therapy, completed intense home-study modules, on ethics, research etc this was in addition to the intense training to join my member organisation NRHP.  I am CRB checked and a registered BUPA provider.

I am also an approved provider to The British Psychological Society Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses: REBT it’s Theory and Practice with Hypnotherapy.

I receive refferals from GP’s regularly, Dr Peter Copp is Head of one of Edinburgh’s leading Medical Centre’s also the Head of The Braids Medical Practice Dr Clive Beach and Dr Felicity Dyson, Strathesk Medical Centre.

What is the difference between hypnotherapy and psychotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a branch of psychotherapy, the rule of thumb is: if you cannot help a person without hypnotherapy you shouldn’t be using it. I am trained in many psychotherapies.
I have tried to solve the problem myself and so have others, how can you help?
There are many convoluted therapeutic approaches in the world, many claiming great results but have difficulty verifying them, Cognitive/Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy is the most clinically trialled therapy of all time and consistently yields good results, allied with hypnotherapy this speeds the process up.
What is hypnotherapy?
The state of hypnosis is similar to reading a good book, you become so involved that you absorb the information at a deeper level of awareness. Comfortable self-awareness with accelarated learning.
You will not fall asleep or go unconscious, if you did you would not hear anything! It is a bit like daydreaming. I will use hypnotherapeutic techniques to guide you to make your own beneficial changes. You will not be asked to speak, just listen.
Lots of therapies claim they can fix the problem in one session can you?
Over the years there have been many people who have benefited from one session, reallistically it usually takes longer. These therapies tell you what you want to hear then charge exorbitant fees, like the stage hypnotist they acheive short term results and give their Professional Bodies grandoise titles that are inacurate and misleading, a lot of them seem to promote an almost universal 95 per cent success rate!
My approaches are low on psycho-babble, high on common sense and long term effectiveness. I post a link here of a Scotsman newspaper reporter I helped in one session overcome here fear of spider.

How quickly can I arrange an Hypnotherapy appointment?

I try to see you within three days of the initial contact as I know that you want to get better quickly.

I consult from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm Mondays to Saturdays.

I am available to present my British Psychological Society accredited seminar REBT: An Interpretation of its Theory and Practice with Hypnotherapy, please inquire.

How do I contact you? or 0131 445 2485. Please keep your e-mails brief as I will be able to diagnose from the presenting problem and the symptoms where you will be going wrong in your thought process.
What are your fees?
More reasonable than other less experienced therapists with questionable qualifications, the consultation and first session which is inclusive and combines Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and of course Hypnotherapy lasts about one hour the fee is £80.  The fee is the same following sessions.  Please not I charge by the session not the hour.

Cancellation policy: I require 48 hours notice otherwise full fee is payable.

How many Hypnotherapy sessions will I need?

I would hope for significant improvement within one to three Hypnotherapy sessions, however the honest answer is, it takes as long as it takes, I use an indirect approach in hypnotherapy and often the results can be experienced once your unconscious has processed the information .

How is your approach different from others?
I take time to explain how the problem is created and how you can fix it, therby taking the cure with you, it is your thinking that creates the problem not the situation.
It is educational and kept very much in the present and I do not make unrealistic claims.

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