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Many websites publish testimonials that are unverifiable and can breach confidentiality.

As a professional Hypno-psychotherapist, I am unable to publish client testimonials as it would breach the ethical code of one of the country’s leading Psychotherapy Associations, namely: The United kingdom Council for Psychotherapy of which I am a full member.

However, I can publish verifiable Testimonials from Journalists, colleagues etc please see below:

Robin featured in one of USA’S leading Hypnosis online magazine’s:Pnosis

“Pnosis applauds, and commends to the world’s attention, Thorburn’s pioneering work in combining the insights of psychiatrist/clinical hypnotist Milton Erickson with those of psychologist Albert Ellis. Both of these great psychotherapists left the world with insights that have not yet been fully assimilated by the professions of psychotherapy and hypnotism. Thorburn’s conjoining of the two potentially represents a signal event in the annals of the betterment of humanity. While of primary importance to clinical mental health professionals, Thorburn’s work offers an important contribution to professional hypnotists as well as psychotherapists”.

Ralph Benko, Editor of

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I am an Approved Provider to The British Psychological Society CPD courses with my presentation :Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), Its Theory & Practice with Hypnotherapy. I am also an approved Clinical Supervisor to The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).


“Approved by the British Psychological Society Learning Centre for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).”

Please see the seminars page for details.

Here is an extract from one of my presentations:

A review of Robin Thorburn’s presentation at The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy conference in June 2011, Leicester by Hilary Norris.

“However Robin Thorburn’s talk :REBT: An Interpretation of its Theory and Practice with Hypnotherapy’ was worth getting out of bed for…a fabulous illustration of how to change a feeling and a way of combining mindfulness with the NLP swish technique that will prove useful to many of us. Robin thank you for your great honesty and courage in the way you presented”.

More comments from another of my Seminars: Really enjoyed the seminar. Very interesting and relevant. Very interested to learn more about hypnotherapy and integrate it into my practice.

The actual demonstrations of the therapies gave much food for thought which can be dissected and applied effectively.

Very interesting and innovative presentation.

Found it really helpful and engaging.

Felt it really useful to learn more about R.E.B.T. and really enjoyed R.E.B.T. and hypnotherapy demonstrations.

Fantastic workshop Robin, many thanks indeed!

I receive referrals from three GP Practice’s in Edinburgh. GP Plus, Braids Medical Practice and Strathesk Medical Practice,Bonnyrigg.

I include verifiable acclaim from Dr Albert Ellis, creator of Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Diplomate in Clinical Hypnosis to The American Psychological Association and a Fellow of 12 Divisions of The APA.

He said:
“In general, you have done an excellent job in presenting some of your own problems and how you conquered them with REBT and the therapy of Claire Weekes. I think that the book would definitely be helpful to clients with all kinds of anxiety problems… there are many good things I could say about your book. I would definitely like to see the book published…since it seems to include some creative ideas”. Dr Albert Ellis.

Robin Presented his British Psychological Society Accredited Seminar: Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) it’s Theory and Practice with Hypnotherapy at Edinburgh Napier University to The Psychology Society, The President Amanda Diserholt said afterwards: “Hi Robin,

Thank you again for coming and for delivering a successful presentation! We got great feedback from the people who attended and I found it very insightful and inspiring.”

Below are three photos of Robin presenting and demonstrating Hypnotherapy:


I include a story that a Scotsman newspaper journalist Alice Wylie did about me and overcoming her fear of spiders in one session:Lifelong Arachnophobia Cured with Hypnotherapy: Robin featured:

spider-hypnotherapy-300x184Lifelong Arachnophobia Cured with Hypnotherapy: Robin featured
By admin | Published October 14, 2010 | Edit

January 6, 2008
Spider HypnotherapyAlice Wyllie, a sceptical reporter for the Scotsman had a lifelong fear of spiders and challenged a hypnotist to rid her of her phobia.

Alice had heard the phrase “They’re more afraid of you than you are of them” a dozen times and had the ‘face your fear’ taunts. She believed hypnotherapy was a load of nonsense, along with tarot cards, past life regression and faith healing – and is pictured today holding a tarantula called Boris.

In the Scotsman article, Alice explains the whole experience of the hypnotherapy session, including what the hypnotherapist said to her and how she felt.

The hypnotherapist in question was Edinburgh based Robin Thorburn. Thorburn runs his own hypnotherapy practice, Exclusive Hypnotherapy, and has been practising for over 20 years.
Written by Alan Chadwick

Please rest assured that you will receive the very best up to date treatment for many, many psychological issues. I am the longest established full-time hypno-psychotherapists in Edinburgh.

Gaby Soutar from The Scotsman Magazine rated Robin as 18/20
“He’s also pretty good at making one feel at ease, and we chat for a bit before he asks me what I want to achieve and gives me some cognitive therapy, which aims to recognise the chain of events that can lead to upsetting emotions..where the very well qualified (he has almost the entire alphabet after his name) Thorburn has
held his practice for the last 21 years”.

Robin W. Thorburn ADHP (NC) MNRHP UKCP (H) FNSHP

I have succesfully treated:

*Panic Attacks
*Weight Problems
*Eating Disorders
*Public Speaking
*Self Esteem
*Self Worth
*Adictive Behaviours
*Personal Problems
*Irritible Bowel Syndrome
*Psychosomatic Issues
*Relationship Difficulties
*Erectile Dysfunction
*Exam Nerves
*Driving Tests
*Business Performance
*Sporting Performance
*Anger Management
*Social Anxiety

If you take a look at my Home Page and the Links to radio, newspaper and magazines,


very recently added is The Pulse Magazine, where I helped the reporter overcome insomnia. I am confident that these verifiable features will give you peace of mind to either telephone me on 0131 445 2485 or email me

Many thanks
Robin W. Thorburn ADHP (NC) MNRHP FNSHP UKCP (H)